K7 Adventures 歷險旅行社

K7 Adventures 是間總部主要設於雪山(Snowy Mountains)及坎培拉(Canberra)的精品歷險旅行社,為個別人士、夫妻情侶、家庭、小型團隊提供專業導覽服務。K7 summer tours include climbing, abseiling, caving, bushwalking, alpine ecology walks, alpine adventure trips, sunrise and sunset photography tours, cross-country mountain biking and kayaking.Winter tours include snow shoeing, alpine ski touring, snow craft and snow survival trips.

K7 guides are amongst the most experienced in the Snowy Mountains with in depth knowledge of the terrain, weather and conditions.K7 Adventures takes pride in professionalism and the profession of Guiding.參與旅團,享受別具特色的行程,探索奇妙的自然勝地。參加 K7 的活動,抱擁雪山吧!

如需更多資料: http://www.k7adventures.com